Monday, August 23, 2010

Jerry's State Court Cafe

Hungry?  Take a look here!  

After a long night without electricity (wind storm & 18 hr. power outage), and deciding we could not cook without a stove, we set out to find an open breakfast joint.  The first one we saw was Jerry's State Court Cafe (on Fairview, not State St.).  The parking lot was full, and I thought, this must be some good breakfast!!

The idea for this blog came from Joel as we were sitting two at our 6-person table, the restaurant bustling around us.  We should do this once a month... and blog about it... the Boise Breakfast Blog!  So here we are.

We love breakfast.  It's Joel's favorite meal to cook, and our favorite meal to eat out!

I ordered the Country Scramblet with a half-side of bacon, hashbrowns, egg whites only, no cheese, and no toast. (I'm dairy, egg yolk, and gluten free).  Joel ordered the Corned Beef Hash and hash browns with sourdough toast.  The service was great, despite the overflow of customers (result of the power outage), and the food came out quickly!  Our waitress must have misunderstood my order - I got an egg white scramble with ham.  It was supposed to be a veggie scramble - but she quickly had the chef add veggies.  Overall, the food was really good!  I loved their orange juice and Joel commented that the coffee was good as well.  We both were impressed with the hashbrowns - they seemed fresh and weren't overly greasy.

Scoring:    (0= 1 egg, 00000= 5 eggs)
Food - 000
Service - 0000
Atmosphere - 000
Value - 000
Overall Score - 3.25 eggs

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